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CRED App Review: Get Rewards For Paying Credit Card Bills

Who could have thought that Payment of Credit card bills could also get you rewards, (except Kunal Shah) who made it possible? Kunal, who founded Freecharge in the year 2010, after selling the Freecharge to Snapdeal in the year 2015, founded CRED in the year 2018. CRED app rewards you whenever you make the payment of your credit card bills on it. As of now, the customer base has increased to 5.90 Million users and rewards worth Rs 5 Crore are distributed daily.

What is the CRED app?

An app that rewards you whenever you make the payment of your credit card bills on CRED. When you pay your credit card bills through the CRED app, you receive CRED coins. These coins can be redeemed to get cashback, win exclusive rewards, or get special access to curated products and experiences. Rewards from many brands are available such as Tata Cliq, Puma, Samsung, Myntra, The Lalit, Saavn, etc.

How to get registered on the CRED app?

For registering on the CRED app, you have to download the app on your smartphone. The app is freely available both on the play store and the app store. After installing the app on your phone, you need to provide basic information as asked by the app. Once done with the basic procedure now you have to add your credit card to the app.

For adding the card, you need to provide the complete card details like card number, expiry date, and your name. Now to complete the verification, CRED deposits 1 rupee to your card (you need to click on the “verify now” button).

After verification, you will be asked to confirm the E-mail ID which is linked to this card. Now your new card is ready and you can make the payment.

By applying the same procedure you can add all of your cards. You just need to link your credit card on the CRED app and make the payment of credit card bills to get the rewards.

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How to earn the CRED coins?

Since you are done with credit card addition on the CRED app, it’s time to make the payment of credit card bills through the app to earn rewards. Whenever you’ll pay the bills, you’ll get the CRED coins. The more you pay, the more you earn. Whether the payment is made in advance/on the due date or late it doesn’t take away your right to earn the coins.

CRED reward points balance and available option sample image

How to redeem the CRED coins?

To redeem the CRED coins, open the CRED app, then go to the club tab (extreme right from the bottom), here you can see the total coins you have as on date and the available rewards (assured mystery rewards & pay bills and win cashback) against which these coins can be redeemed.

The cashback earned through (redeeming) burning the CRED coins will be transferred automatically to the respective credit card, from which the CRED coins were earned.

In the Club tab under the store section, there are various options available against which these coins can be redeemed. Apart from the store section, there is a travel section where you can use your CRED coins.

CRED coins can also be used to know your credit score (CIBIL). By utilizing some of the coins you can have your complete CIBIL report with you instantly.

When the app was launched in the year 2018, there were very limited options to burn (redeem) the CRED coins such as by burning 1000 CRED coins you could get the cashback up to Rs 1000. 1000 Rs was the minimum CRED coin limit to be utilized to earn the cashback. For earning cashback, CRED points were to utilize in multiples of 1000.

Use link to get the cash back.

What are the benefits of using the CRED app?

Earning the rewards by payment of credit card bill is not the sole benefit you get by using the CRED app, there are various other benefits you will have by using the app which is given below:

Refer And Win

The person to whom you have referred the CRED app needs to make their first payment. Both of you earn 2% of the first payment as cashback. Earn minimum cashback of Rs 500 up to Rs 1000. You also get 10 gems when they make the payment. You can use this link as a referral:

CRED Protect Feature

By activating the CRED protect feature you can set up the custom payment reminder, can get an alert of hidden charges, you can have a statement on the app itself instead of going to your mailbox & open the statement and you can also activate/change WhatsApp alerts number.

Finance Charges

CRED lets you know that what will be the per day finance charge if you don’t make the payment of credit card bills within the due date.

Payment History

Transaction-wise details of payments made against each credit card linked on the CRED app.

Previous Statement

Month wise credit card statement is available against each card.


How many overdue payments you have made, total spend, monthly spend, finance charge, etc are available card-wise.

Archive Card

Archiving the credit card is also smooth as linking the card.

Bank Customer Care Numbers

The customer care number of the bank will be listed there against the card which has been linked on the app.

Bank Balance

CRED also lets you know the as on the balance of your bank accounts linked with CRED.

Payment Methods

You can make the payment of a credit card through any of the UPI apps or net banking.

What is rentpay feature in the CRED app?

Now you can pay your rent through the CRED app which means you can pay your rent with a credit card and enjoy the liquidity of funds and reward points as well. CRED users have earned near to Rs 51 Crores of benefits by paying rent on the credit card. At the time of making the first rent payment, you will be having various cashback offers (Card specific offers) to pick from.

You will have to provide PAN and Rent agreement to make the rent payment. Apart from the rent, you can also pay the society maintenance fee, brokerage, etc. Though the rentpay facility through credit card is good, at the same time, it comes with a cost of 1.55% fee of the payment made.

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Our CRED Analysis:

CRED ensures that all your personal data and transactions are encrypted, and secured so what’s yours remains only yours. They don’t share your data with any 3rd party, neither at the time of adding the card nor at the time of making payment of credit card bills. CRED doesn’t ask for CVV, which is required to execute the online transaction.

At the same time, there is a concern of data privacy on the payment apps as credit card details are saved and bank accounts are also linked. For example, CRED seeks permission to access your email account to view your email messages for analyzing your spending behavior and credit card statements.

Since the day of launch and to date, we have not come across any such issue of data privacy breach so up till now the record is quite clean and we can expect the same trend for the future as well.

We have narrated the whole CRED app in the best possible way and now it is up to the user of the credit card to decide whether to go for CRED or not.


What are the CRED gems?

CRED gems are earned when you refer the CRED to someone and then they register on the app with your referral code and make their first payment.

What is the number of CRED customer care service?

Open the CRED app, go to the cards option (2nd number from the bottom left) then go to the “manage” (4th number from the top left)  section then go to the “talk to us” option, in this section you can chat with “Credie” which will be your online support buddy.

Is CRED app safe?

There is a concern about data privacy on the payment apps as credit card details are saved and bank accounts are also linked. For instance, CRED seeks permission to access your email account to view your email messages for analyzing your spending behavior and credit card statements.

Is CRED approved by RBI?

Yes. CRED has been approved by RBI.

Can we trust the CRED app?

Till now, there has not been any wrong doing reported by any user or bank against the CRED.

What is Trophy room in CRED?

The trophy room is found in the club tab of CRED, in the trophy room you can see all your winnings from the CRED app till now such as cashback, mystery, etc. Trophy Room’s Image:Trophy room

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