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Interview Tips to help you get a job in 2021

We are sharing some Interview Tips which will help you to get a job in the year 2021 amid the COVID-19 prevailing situation.

Due to this prevailing pandemic situation in the world, many companies are firing their employees or not giving them their salary hence indirectly asking the employees to leave the organization.

However, some of the companies are still hiring the employees as per their requirements, below are some of the basic Interview tips which will take you a step ahead towards your career:

  • You need to be very sure and confident about the work you have done in your career, which means you should be having a good knowledge of what is written in your CV.
  • Go through the complete job description shared by HR and find your core area of work, apart from your core area you may find that you don’t have the complete knowledge of what’s being written in the JD.
  • Some candidates don’t give the interviews just because they don’t have the knowledge of a few things out of the points mentioned in the JD, it would be better to work on your area of weakness and giving interviews.
  • If you have basic knowledge of the area of your weakness, then you can brief what you have read and you can add that “Sir/Ma’am, about this area I know these things and I’m working over this to have more understanding”.
  • Please note that it is not necessary that the interviewer will ask everything written in the JD, he may include/exclude some things at the time of taking your interview.
  • Many interviewers focus on what you have done instead of what you can or what is written in the JD so be confident about the work you have done.
  • In the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 situation, companies have preferred to take the interviews through web calling, for that they are using the applications such as “Zoom”, “Webex Meet”, “Skype”, “Whereby”, ”Google Meet” and “Teams”. Some of the companies are also using “WhatsApp”.
  • Do a video call mock drill with your family/friends so that you can get to know how you will be looked at by your interviewer over the video call through these apps.
  • Since this is your first interaction with your might-be employer so make sure you are presentable to them, try wearing a full formal suit with a white shirt or at least a white shirt if you are not having the suit.
  • Being looking good you will have much confidence in yourself and it’ll have a good impression on the interviewer and you’ll be having the additional advantage as compared to other candidates by being looked decent.
  • The most important thing to note is that you might have been fired or you may be on notice period and searching the job, it’s important that you have full confidence in yourself and you should show yourself positive to the interviewer.
  • Whatsoever is the situation, never ever say anything bad about your previous organizations or your peers.
  • With regard to the salary expectations, you can say that “right now my preference is to find a good organization and a good profile, the salary I’m comfortable with the prevailing industry average amount”.

You need to keep above mentioned points in your mind before giving interviews.

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