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How to do Airport Lounge Access?

Airport lounge access is one of the key features of any Credit Card or Debit Card, while, most of the banks provide the benefit of Airport lounge access however they provide it on selected Credit or Debit Card.

The Lounge access at the airport has been one of the most utilized benefits by Credit Cardholders in recent times. This can be said that it is the second most attractive feature which a bank can offer to its customers, the first one is the reward/Cashback Programme.

Earlier, the cost of flight used to be very high and very few people used to travel by air due to cost constraint but now the air cost has been dipped and the purchasing power of the people have been increased so, now, many can afford to Travel by Air.

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However, the lounge Access is a costly affair because the Lunge access charges start with Rs 1500+GST and more depending on the Lounge (For Amex customers, there are exclusive lounges so the price may be higher as compared to the other lounges). Though it has various benefits as given below but if this service is free then nothing like it.

I’m a frequent traveler from Delhi airport and every time I do lounge access at the Terminal 3 or 2 or 1 of Indira Gandhi International airport depending on the airlines in which I’m traveling.

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Benefits of Airport Lounge Access:

Below are the features and benefits provided in the lounges:


Depending upon the time of check-in you get the food i.e Breakfast/lunch/dinner, boiled eggs, and cereals will always be there. Idli Sambhar, 3 (Veg-NonVeg) vegetables Daal, Rice, bread, salad. Dosa and Omelette cooked are live and served on the request.


Separate washroom for the travelers accessing the lounge, Traveler not doing lounge access Can’t use these washrooms. They can use a public washroom.

Shower and SPA (At Some Places)

May or may not be available during COVID 19.

Shower Facilities at the Delhi Airport


Drinks (Non-alcoholic), Fruit Juices, Pepsi, Coca-cola, Fanta, Coffee, Milk, Water bottle, etc. Limited alcohols are allowed on paid basis during the prescribed hours.

Boarding status LED

In the display machine, all the details of the upcoming flight will be shown, here you can see the status of your flight to check whether the boarding has been started or not or the flight has been delayed, etc.


Wifis are available at the Airport.


Sofas are there where you can relax or take a nap. Charging slots are there where you can charge Phone/laptop/IPad etc. TVs are there to see news/matches etc.

Airport Lounge Access Duration

Usually, the duration of lounge access is for 3 hours (Due to the COVID situation the duration has been reduced to 2 hours) but hardly someone utilizes the full time.

Airport Lounge Access during COVID

In case of the COVID 19 pandemic, when the lounge was accessible, they will put the menu card in front of you, from there you need to order and they will bring the food to you.

During the Second Wave of the COVID 19, at the Delhi airport, nowadays only takeaways are allowed. You need to go to the check-in counter and present your boarding pass and the card which is to be swiped, you’ll be given the food (Veg/Non-Veg) which will be completely packed along with that you’ll be provided with the Tissues and hand sanitizer.

Delhi Airport Lounge Take away

Process of doing Airport Lounge Access

Go to the Airport, Get the entry in the airport by showing your ID proof and the ticket, once you have entered the airport, you can either go to the ticket counter if you have luggage (more than the prescribed limit) or you can directly go to the security check if you have hand baggage only.

Once the security check is done, now you can go to the Airport lounge, there will be signage showing the direction to go to the lounges. At the reception of the lounge, you need to show your boarding pass and your debit/credit card through which you want to do lounge access.

The operator at the reception desk checks whether there are free visits available to do lounge access. The operator inserts the card presented by you in the payment machine with them, if there are free limits then you can avail them at the nominal charges of Rs 2 in case of a debit card or Rs 25 in case of a credit card (sometimes it is Rs 2 depending on the credit card holder by you, for example in case of regalia card this is Rs 2).

If there are no free visits available in the card presented by you, either you can present another card to check the free visits or you can pay the lounge access fee to avail of the lounge services.

The operator swipes the card and gives you the payment slip which can be shown inside the lounge to enjoy the free services. The process of showing boarding pass and getting the swipe done does not even take more than 2 minutes and you are through.

Enjoy the services and take the photos to show them to your loved ones, exit like a pro, and head towards your boarding gate to enjoy the journey.

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Happy Flying!

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